Monday, 12 September 2011

I'm still here!!!

Hi folks,
It's been a while since I last blogged so apologies. In truth I have my good days and my bad days since my Mam died. Life has to go on I know but it's easier said than done when everything you do reminds you of how much you miss someone.

My Dad returned to his job in Egypt at the beginning of August, a big step for him and a difficult one having to repeat the events of the previous few weeks to colleagues who wanted him to know that they had been thinking of him. I missed him dreadfully and was happy to be waiting at the airport on his return 3 weeks later. Another hurdle for him going home to an empty house for the first time in over 35 years. It's hard taking his grief on as well as my own but he needs supporting at the moment and I promised Mam I would look after him for her.

Colin & I finally got our postponed holiday last week. We didn't go far just 63 miles away to Berwick on Tweed. Sharon Duncan lent us her caravan for a week. Wow what a caravan. It even had central heating. Maisie enjoyed her twice daily walks on the nearby beach and her trip on the train at Heatherslaw. I was thrilled to see the wild seals in Eyemouth harbour and again my mind drifted back to Mam because I would have been straight on the phone to her telling her all about our day.

It's my birthday on Sunday and I'm dreading it. Dad has asked all the family to go up to the cottage for the afternoon which is lovely but will be very difficult for all of us because the one person who made birthdays special will be missing.

Work is keeping me sane and it's lovely to have something to focus on. It's really busy at the moment with 3 weeks of trips down to the TV studios  for shows. Next week sees the launch of our new CD ROM Paws for Thought. I'm really excited about this one as I commisioned the artwork and set the ball rolling. Sharon Duncan has put the CD ROMs together and has done a cracking job. I do hope you all like it. Here's a sample card or two to show you what we have done. I can't wait to show all the finished samples and demos. It will be launched on Create & Craft on Friday 23rd Septmber at 11.00am so I hope you will be watching. Did I tell you it's a double CD ROM!!!!

Well it's getting late and I have a long drive down to Peterborough tomorrow for my 2 shows on Wednesday at 8.00am and 1.00pm. I'm meeting Louise at the hotel for a girly night in with MacDonalds and milk shakes. Oh the exciting life of a TV crafting superstar like what I am as my pal Wendie Rhodes calls me.

See you Wednesday
Big hugs,

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Doncaster & beyond

Morning everyone,

What a great time Bev & I had at Summer Crafting in Doncaster last weekend. We met so many lovely people, some new faces and lots of "old" acquaintances such as Tina, Betty, Mrs Ben and Denise & Ginny. Bev had a great time so much so that she wants to do it again at the NEC in November!! Thank you to everyone who came to say "Hello".

So today I'm off on my travels down the A1 to Peterborough for 2 shows tomorrow at 9.00am & 2.00pm. I hope some of you will be watching even if it's just to see the inspirational cards my great team of girls make.

Yesterday I was given the designs for the new Christmas CD ROM "A Christmas Wish". OMG they are fantastic. If you loved the Garden Delights CD ROM you will immediately want this one. Bev is talking 8" x 8" exploding boxes. I'll need a Pickfords lorry at this rate. Well, I have my car to pack and Maisie to walk before I go. She's already looking at me with the big sad brown eyes as she has seen my travel bag so I will have to redeem myself by taking her on a long walk and then bribing her with treats before I leave.

See you tomorrow.

Happy crafting,

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Life goes on......

And that's just what Mum would have said to me. I'm still struggling but it's a day at a time, some are good, some are not so good but it's early days so I keep telling myself.

So what am I up to? Well hopefully you were all watching the launch of our new collection of CD ROMs The Cookie Collection with the first title being Garden Delights which I have to say has been very well received. I've been wanting to work with this style of artwork for ages and finally got my wish when the Head Baker said "Go for it". Weren't the girls' samples gorgeous? They did me proud.

So what's next? Well Bev the Blade & I are off to Doncaster at the weekend as we have a stand there. It's stand 67 right in the bottom corner. Bev is so excited as this will be her first retail show "behind" the counter. She is counting the sleeps LOL.
I'm busy sorting out the display boards and the Head Baker has given me loads of special offers as treats for you so please keep some of your pennies at the ready. I hope to see lots of you there and meet up with some "old" acquaintances too.

Happy crafting,

Friday, 17 June 2011

It did.....

My beloved Mum June Rose passed away on Friday 27th May after a very short battle with cancer. I was by her side as I had promised her I would be and I have to say it was the worst day of my life. My Mum was my best friend and I miss her so much. Her funeral took place on June 9th, the day after what would have been her 75th birthday. The weather put on a show for her big day and the sun shone brightly making the long journey from my parents' home near Rothbury down to the crematorium on the coast at Whitley Bay a little bit more bearable. The Northumbrian countryside was at it's best for her last journey. We had a humanist service which was lovely and I'm sure it was Mum willing me on and giving me the strength to read out a poem for her.

Afterwards we kept up a family tradition which I'm sure Mum would have loved and approved of. We went for fish & chips at Tynemouth. Mum loved to take the grandchildren on "chip safaris". The nearest fish & chip shop to the cottage is in Rothbury, 10 miles away so a long detour was always taken to spot and count pheasants, rabbits and the like before visiting the chip shop and then followed a sit down by the River Coquet whilst the feast was devoured. Happy days.
It's been 3 weeks now and I'm still numb. I keep wanting to phone her and tell her about my day and then I remember that she's not there. The photograph is of Mum taken when she was 17. It's one I remember seeing quite a few times when I was a little girl. She was quite a stunner don't you think. I do believe in guardian angels and I'm sure that Mum is perched on my shoulder watching over me now.

I love you Mum xxxx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

As if things could not get any worse

Hi Everyone,

I've always had this theory in life that when things are going really well someone somewhere brings you down to earth with a bang at some point just to let you know that life is not a bed of roses.

Well someone has given me & my family the biggest kick we have had to face so far in life. As I said in my last post my Mum is in hospital at the moment with what we thought was a bad kidney infection.

Last Tuesday we were given the worst news possible. My Mum has terminal cancer and as I type this we only have a few days left with her. My heart is breaking. She's my best friend and I'm hers. The speed at which we have reached this point is beyond belief and I wake up every morning thinking it's a bad dream and then reality kicks in big time.

I was supposed to be on C&C with our new CD ROM on Tuesday morning but now you will understand why the schedule was changed. I dare not be hundreds of miles away at this point in time.

I couldn't get through this without the help & support of my good friends . You all know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there night and day for me.

My Mum is in a wonderful hospital in Rothbury. The staff are fantastic and I can't praise them enough for the care & compassion they are showing not only to my Mum but to my family too. Have you ever heard of a hospital where dogs are allowed in a patient's room or where you leave at the end of a long shift with a plate of home-made cakes. They are just wonderful people working in a magic place.

Take care


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Genuine excuse

Hi Folks,

I've just looked at the date of my last posting and gasped but I do have a genuine excuse for the lack of posts. My Mum is in hospital at the moment, not very well at all, so as you can imagine it's been a trying time for the family with hospital visits, telephone calls etc. Up until today she was in Wansbeck General hospital which is just a 15 mile round trip for me, 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back but a 100 mile round trip for my Dad. Today they are transferring her to a hospital nearer her home which now means our trips are reversed but it will be easier for Dad. She's missing Beth, their Old English Sheepdog so much. We are hoping that maybe Dad can arrange for her to see Beth in the hospital grounds as it would be a great tonic for both of them as normally Mum & Beth are inseparable.
It's great that lots of you are joining the Cupcakecrafting Members' Club and you seem to love the "Buy one get one FREE" offer on the Cupcakecrafting CD ROMs.

I've now been given a budget to go on a shopping spree for the website so watch out for some "Cupcakecrafting Sprinkles" being added very soon and if you are a club member there's a 10% discount on all products don't forget.

The Walk on the Wild Side CD ROM should been available very soon and we have a new collection being added to the Cupcakecrafting Bakery lines. The girls are busy working on samples and they are ecstatic about the designs. Bev the Blade has even bought a new printer to make samples!! Bless her.

I'll keep you posted about the new lines.


Friday, 15 April 2011

It's Friday hurrah

Hi folks,

Well here we are at the start of another weekend with the hint of sunny, warm weather to come. Wasn't it brilliant weather last weekend. I stayed with my Mum and her Old English Sheepdog Ballistic Beth last weekend and had a lovely time. I was supposed to be chilling but Beth had other plans for me and just one look with her big sad brown eyes and I could not say "No". I ended up flinging her rings for her to chase for hours on end, walking her to collect the newspaper. Not an easy feat as it's nearly a 3 mile round hike to the bus shelter where the paper is left to collect. It's OK walking there because it's down hill but it's hard work coming back. They don't deliver on a Sunday  so we did a shorter walk that day. My parents live in a lovely cottage near Rothbury with no neighbours, street lights or traffic. Total peace apart from the newly born lambs bleating for their Mums. Heaven.

Well this week at the bakery we have been putting the final touches to the new CD ROM. So here's a sneaky peek at some samples. Don't tell the Head Baker otherwise he will be having me put the jam into the jam doughnuts as a punishment. Been there, done that and got the T shirt. The CD ROM is called Walk on the Wild Side and features original artwork by the very talented artist Phil Daniels. There are some really funny quotes for you to use on the CD ROM. I had to chuckle when I read them. Colin & I were responsible for some of them. All of your favourite boxes are there for you together with lots of backing papers, inserts, teabag tiles and lots more so keep watching.

Here's another teaser for you. Isn't he lovely? I want one!!! The card base is one of the 7" x 10" cards now available on the website. A pack of 25 cards & envelopes for just £5.99.
I have a craft class to prepare for tomorrow. We are going to be making posy boxes so I had better get printing. No rest for the wicked as the saying goes. Not sure what I did that was so wicked but I hope I enjoyed it LOL

Happy crafting,