Thursday, 27 January 2011

Just a quickie

Hi Everyone,

I always seem to be in a rush the day before a TV show. I think I'm well organised but I'm still playing catch up. The car is still to pack and I need to eat my crumpets and have a cuppa before I leave. I need to go before 3.00pm otherwise the traffic is terrible past the Metro Centre and the Angel of the North. I always blow him a kiss when I pass him on the way home as it means I've not far to drive. I know I'm daft but it's now official. LOL. I've some new demos for tomorrow's show. You seem to be loving the 8" x 8" cards as you are ordering lots of them. I've got some 6" x 6" ones to put on the website for next week.

Right my crumpets are getting cold so I'm off. See you tomorrow. Send in emails, lots of emails. I'm on with Martyn so you should be entertained!!!


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Have you seen?

Hi everyone,

It's a bit gloomy out there today so I thought I would brighten up your day by adding 5 beautiful designer mini collections to the website. The collections have not been seen before and are exclusive to the Designer downloads section as we do not intend to feature them on any future CD ROMs. If you love the new Floral Delights CD ROM you will like these too as they are in the same style. I am even learning at the same time. This collage is all my own doing. You never know what you can do until you try LOL. This is a collage of all the design sheets in the Springtime mini collection, 14 sheets in total for only 2.50. I think it's really pretty.

My tripod for my Flip camcorder has arrived so next week I'm hoping to film some tutorials for you. Another first uploading them to You Tube!!

I'm on Create & Craft on Friday afternoon at 4.00pm if you care to join me. Grab yourself a cup of tea. Mine's white with no sugar thanks.

Happy crafting,

Thursday, 20 January 2011

You just have to visit

The Ribbon Box!!

Hi folks,

Oh my goodness I'm in seventh heaven. I love ribbon and have just put a selection of  23 gorgeous colours of chiffon ribbon on the website. I will have to have them all I think and so will my pal, Sheila who as I type is busy putting in her order.

Happy crafting,

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Back in the land of the living

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been a couple of days since my last post. It's really tiring doing the TV shows especially with the long car journey I have to drive. It's a 426 mile round trip and it doesn't help when they decide to close the A1M at Dishforth and send you on a diversion that takes you down to Middlesbrough and then back on to the A1. I could have continued along the A19 and through the Tyne tunnel but I didn't have any change for the toll booth!!

I had to be up at 5.30am on sunday morning as you have to be at the TV studios at least 2 hours before your show is due to start. That's like getting up in the middle of the night in my books LOL

I'm pleased to say that you must be liking the Floral Delights CD Rom judging by your orders. I keep chiving Ben to get your orders out asap so hopefully the CDs are winging their way to you as I type.

I've added a new recipe card to the website. The designs are from CD 16 The Designer Collection and I have added the papers used for you to download. I'm really getting into the "techy" stuff on the website now and do a little dance when I get it right. Am or am I not sad?

I've got some beautiful organza ribbon to add to the website later. Sheila says to hurry up as she needs to order all 22 colours!!!.
Maisie and I had a lovely walk earlier. It's a beautiful sunny but cold winter's day here so I put on my doggie walking hat and off we went. One of the good things about winter is that if you are having a bad hair day you can hide it under a hat and nobody is any the wiser. LOL
Off for my lunch now.

Happy crafting,

Friday, 14 January 2011

Busy day

Hi everyone,

Gosh I've not stopped all day but I think I'm just about organised. I need to do some research on a couple of names of the flowers on the Floral Delights CD ROM just in case I'm asked. Be prepared that's my motto!!

Card samples are carefully packed for their long car journey down to Peterborough, Floral Delights is installed on my laptop, demo packs are done so that only leaves my case to sort out, the car to pack and I can do that tomorrow. I really love the designs on the new CD ROM and I hope you will too. The girls have made some fantastic samples. A big thanks to Sheila, Bev, Louise, Lyse, Terry, Trish and Jennifer. Sheila made these lovely boxes. There's teabag tiles on the CD ROM too.

It's pizza tonight folks. I let Colin have his choice for our Friday night treat every now & again. Me, I prefer Chinese.

I hope you will be watching on Sunday. Spare a thought for me having to get up at 5.30am. It's not all glamour being a TV crafting superstar like what I am LOL.

See you Sunday.

Happy crafting

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Another card

Hi folks,

It's nearly midnight and I'm just about to stop for tonight but before I do I thought I would show you another card. This one has been made by Louise and features one of the decoupage designs. I love the colours in this design. They look so fresh.

I'm off to lock up. Colin is in bed and Maisie is sucking on her cuddly teddy bear's nose and falling asleep on the bed in the other bedroom. Honestly she is such a big softee. I like to play a couple of games of mahjongg on my DS before I go to sleep so I will bid you goodnight.

Sweet dreams,

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Quick update

Morning everyone,
 I thought I would just tease you a bit more about the Floral delights CD ROM. The samples done by my very talented girls have started to arrive. I'm supposed to be geting ready but I had to open the boxes which have just arrived and all I have to say is WOW. I am so impressed with their creations. Prepare to be amazed on Sunday folks.

Right must get ready. I'm due at the hairdresses to get my roots done. I wouldn't want you seeing my grey hairs on "root" cam now would I ? LOL

Sign up for the newsletter on the website if you haven't already done so. There's more news coming in the newsletter!

Happy crafting,

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Here's another one

Hi folks,

Busy prepping again today so missed going down to the beach with Colin & Maisie. It's been a lovely day but bitterly cold. I hope the snow stays away until after next weekend as I hate driving in the snow!!

Here's a card I made today. There's some beautiful decoupage on the new Floral Delights CD ROM. Some of it is quite challenging to cut out but I think that's half the fun. I use a scalpel and a glass cutting mat when cutting out. Your blade seems to glide and not tear the paper if you know what I mean.

Off to watch Dancing on Ice. I used to ice skate in my youth I'll have you know.

Happy crafting,

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Further update

Me yet again,
You know sometimes I surprise myself as to what I can actually achieve. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I am now a webmistress, well it seems I'm beginning to discover new talents. I have just created my first link to enable you to download some free designs. How about that then LOL? So why not click on the link and have a go. I would love for you to comment on the designs so please feel free to do so.

I think I need to go and lie down in a darkened room for a while now as my brain is frazzled. I will give myself the night off and watch Casualty and the new series of CSI New York. I love Gary Sinise but don't tell Colin.

Happy crafting,


Me again,

Just to let you know I've added a project to the website. Hope this link works.

Now I just have to work out how to add the free download for you. That's a bit more complicated LOL

I still have not had my lunch yet but I can hear that hubby has just come back with the shopping. If I stay here a bit longer he will have put the shopping away, made a pot of tea and made a sandwich. He is good. I've been asked to clone him but I leave that for another day.

I'll be back.


First card from Floral Delights CD ROM

Hi folks,

Gosh look at the time !. It's nearly 2.00pm and I've not had my lunch yet. It's true what they say that when you start crafting you get "lost in the doing".

I received the completed version Of the Floral Delights CD ROM this morning. The postman used to be one of "my paper boys" when I was a distribution supervisor for a free newspaper many years ago. Makes you realise how old you are getting LOL as he's now a grown man, married with a family! I digress (not like me to do so).

Here's my first card design from the new CD ROM. As you can see it has a bit of an "art deco" look about it. I'm really pleased with it so it's inspired me and now there will be no stopping me. I hope to do a little project for you and put it on the website with the papers as a little pressie to you to give you a taste of the designs. I've never tried to do this before so please bear with me whilst I work out how to do it!! I'll tell you when it's done.

Poor Colin is out doing the food shopping. I hate doing it with a passion so bless him that's his job now. I think he quite likes it because he's always gone ages. I hope he's not too long because I'm starving and I need feeding.

Happy crafting,


Friday, 7 January 2011

Great start to the New Year

Happy New Year everyone,

I am so excited about the coming year as there are lots of new challenges in store
for me this year and one of them is demonstrating for Cupcakecrafting. I have been
eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new CD ROM and I'm pleased to tell you it's finally here.

It's called Floral Delights and is bursting with stunning designs using the beautiful
artwork by the talented Andrew Hull. Cupcakecrafting are renowned for their floral
themed CD ROMs and I have to say I think this is the best one so far.

I will be on Create & Craft on Sunday 16th January at 9.00am so I hope you will be setting your alarm clocks and joining me as we delve into the hundreds of designs featured on this CD ROM. It's going to be a very busy week for me as I have to do all my prep for the show but I'm really looking forward to it. As always I have my trusty team of helpers Sheila, Louise and Bev together with some new helpers Lyse, Trish, Jenny and Terry. Their finished masterpieces are on their way to me now. It will be like Christmas again when all their parcels start arriving.

As well as demonstrating and blogging for Cupcakecrafting I'm now a "webmistress" Is there no end to this girl's talents I hear you ask LOL. I'm very new to this "job" so I have plans to put at least one project together with a free taster for you to download at some point this week but as the saying goes "I may be some time" so please bear with me. For now I'll tempt you with an image from the cover of the booklet which accompanies the Floral Delights CD ROM to give you some idea of what you can expect.

Now I'm off to create so Colin if you read this you will have to iron your own shirts this week, sorry!!

Happy crafting,