Thursday, 27 January 2011

Just a quickie

Hi Everyone,

I always seem to be in a rush the day before a TV show. I think I'm well organised but I'm still playing catch up. The car is still to pack and I need to eat my crumpets and have a cuppa before I leave. I need to go before 3.00pm otherwise the traffic is terrible past the Metro Centre and the Angel of the North. I always blow him a kiss when I pass him on the way home as it means I've not far to drive. I know I'm daft but it's now official. LOL. I've some new demos for tomorrow's show. You seem to be loving the 8" x 8" cards as you are ordering lots of them. I've got some 6" x 6" ones to put on the website for next week.

Right my crumpets are getting cold so I'm off. See you tomorrow. Send in emails, lots of emails. I'm on with Martyn so you should be entertained!!!


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