Thursday, 3 February 2011

I'm still here!

Hi Everyone,

I bet you were wondering where I've gotten to. It's been a busy week and just as Friday approaches it's just gotten busier!. I thought I only had the one TV show to prepare for next week but now it's doubled and I've got 2 shows, one on the 9th at 3.00pm and one on the 10th at 1.00pm. I had to quickly phone Colin at work to see if he can work from home on those 2 days as Maisie is not used to being left on her own all day. She won't mind having her Dad look after her as she adores him as you can see from the photo.

I've added a new page to the website to keep you up to date with our shows on Create & Craft so make sure you are a regular visitor and join me whenever you can.

There are 5 new posy box designs on the website which are beautiful and are exclusive to the website. I'm also adding lots more basics such as cards & envelopes, tape, printable papers. If you have any ideas for products you would like to see on the website please feel free to email them to me and I will be pleased to hear from you.

Well hubby has phoned to say he's on his way home from work so I had better go and put the kettle on like the dutiful wife that I am (yeh and pigs can fly LOL).

Happy crafting,


  1. Hi Lynda, I hadn't seen you for ages on C&C and started to watch this afternoon and who should be on... love the CD's and happy to be watching you on TV again, been reading your Blog, love your doggie, she's a cutie....

  2. Hi Lynda

    Hope you are well. I have left you a blog award for you on my blog,

    This is for your own amazing blog.

    Pam xx