Thursday, 17 February 2011

Apologies for not blogging

Hi Everyone,

Where do the days go? Apologies for my absence but it's been a busy few weeks what with TV shows, samples etc. So what's new at Cupcakecrafting? Well have you seen our fantastic "Ingredients" bag for just 9.99 (sorry I don't have a pounds sterling key on this keyboard! I keep asking Colin to change it over but you know what men are like. The more you ask the more they don't do it LOL)

I was given the brief that we had some carrier bags with the Cupcakecrafting logo on them could I think of anything we could do with them. I put my brain into gear, not easy some days, and came up with the "Ingredients" bag. In there you will find cards & envelopes in 4 different sizes, ribbons, pearlescent paper, silver mirri paper, gold pearlescent paper and, listen to this folks, a FREE CD ROM from a choice of titles. I thought that Cupcakecrafting would say "No way Lynda" but guess what they said go for it so there it is in all its glory.

I've a secret for you but I can't tell you otherwise it won't be a secret anymore however if you promise not to tell I'll give you a hint. It's about a new CD ROM, not the usual Cupcakecrafting style of CD ROM, something totally different. It will be ready in a couple of weeks time and will only be available from Cupcakecrafting so keep a look out for more information as and when nobody is looking. Remember it's a secret so keep it to yourself.

Keep crafting,


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