Saturday, 8 January 2011

First card from Floral Delights CD ROM

Hi folks,

Gosh look at the time !. It's nearly 2.00pm and I've not had my lunch yet. It's true what they say that when you start crafting you get "lost in the doing".

I received the completed version Of the Floral Delights CD ROM this morning. The postman used to be one of "my paper boys" when I was a distribution supervisor for a free newspaper many years ago. Makes you realise how old you are getting LOL as he's now a grown man, married with a family! I digress (not like me to do so).

Here's my first card design from the new CD ROM. As you can see it has a bit of an "art deco" look about it. I'm really pleased with it so it's inspired me and now there will be no stopping me. I hope to do a little project for you and put it on the website with the papers as a little pressie to you to give you a taste of the designs. I've never tried to do this before so please bear with me whilst I work out how to do it!! I'll tell you when it's done.

Poor Colin is out doing the food shopping. I hate doing it with a passion so bless him that's his job now. I think he quite likes it because he's always gone ages. I hope he's not too long because I'm starving and I need feeding.

Happy crafting,



  1. Well Done Lynda,
    I am having fun making samples with the new Cupcake CD. The designs are lovely and you can do a lot with it as there are lots of images to print and create.


  2. Hi Lynda
    Love the new project. Looking forward to seeing more samples. Hope Colin has made your lunch. Look forward to seeing you on Sundayon TV. Will get up bright and early to watch.

  3. Hi Linda,
    I just received your Floral Delights CD and can't wait to get started. Love the designs and how easy it is to use the CD. Keep up the great work!
    Helen in Canada