Friday, 14 January 2011

Busy day

Hi everyone,

Gosh I've not stopped all day but I think I'm just about organised. I need to do some research on a couple of names of the flowers on the Floral Delights CD ROM just in case I'm asked. Be prepared that's my motto!!

Card samples are carefully packed for their long car journey down to Peterborough, Floral Delights is installed on my laptop, demo packs are done so that only leaves my case to sort out, the car to pack and I can do that tomorrow. I really love the designs on the new CD ROM and I hope you will too. The girls have made some fantastic samples. A big thanks to Sheila, Bev, Louise, Lyse, Terry, Trish and Jennifer. Sheila made these lovely boxes. There's teabag tiles on the CD ROM too.

It's pizza tonight folks. I let Colin have his choice for our Friday night treat every now & again. Me, I prefer Chinese.

I hope you will be watching on Sunday. Spare a thought for me having to get up at 5.30am. It's not all glamour being a TV crafting superstar like what I am LOL.

See you Sunday.

Happy crafting


  1. Hi Lynda

    Saw the show today and the samples are brilliant. Needless to say I had to have the CD. Its great to see you back.

    Take care.

    Linda (from Glasgow)

  2. Hello my pal Linda
    It's lovely to hear from you. I hope life is treating you well. The Floral Delights CD ROM is beautiful and it was lovely being able to show it off on Create & Craft. The samples were beautiful. The girls did well. I'm so proud of them.

    Keep in touch.

    Big hugs,

  3. Just watched your show today Lynda (17 September 2012) - and learned you shop in Cramlington. I lived in Nelson Village from being 18 months old until I moved to Worcestershire in 1986 and still go 'home' each year on holiday in the summer. Must look for you in the shopping centre next time I'm 'home'.

    Great show Lynda - lovely images on the new CD.