Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Life goes on......

And that's just what Mum would have said to me. I'm still struggling but it's a day at a time, some are good, some are not so good but it's early days so I keep telling myself.

So what am I up to? Well hopefully you were all watching the launch of our new collection of CD ROMs The Cookie Collection with the first title being Garden Delights which I have to say has been very well received. I've been wanting to work with this style of artwork for ages and finally got my wish when the Head Baker said "Go for it". Weren't the girls' samples gorgeous? They did me proud.

So what's next? Well Bev the Blade & I are off to Doncaster at the weekend as we have a stand there. It's stand 67 right in the bottom corner. Bev is so excited as this will be her first retail show "behind" the counter. She is counting the sleeps LOL.
I'm busy sorting out the display boards and the Head Baker has given me loads of special offers as treats for you so please keep some of your pennies at the ready. I hope to see lots of you there and meet up with some "old" acquaintances too.

Happy crafting,

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  1. It's still going to be sore for some time but they do say time is a great healer!! enjoy your store it will do you good and l hope you get lots of paying customers:) Sandra H