Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ever started something.......

Have you ever started something and then wished you had left it a while longer? Well I decided to give my craft room a long overdue sorting out and here I am 8 days later, still sorting. I've yet to reach the point where the mess is less and the tidy up is more. I now have 3 bedrooms in various states of disarray plus the landing and have come to the conclusion that I am one very spoilt crafter. It's a good job I have a patient husband !! I daren't post a photo it's that bad.

The plus side is I'm discovering things I forgot I'd bought such as one of those lovely kits with seals and sealing wax, a metal embossing kit which I bought on a whim 'cos it looked good and cost me a small fortune and never been used. I've enough card to keep a shop going in every colour of the rainbow.

My next door neighbour is a headmistress and is loving the boxes of unwanted goodies I keep taking her.

I'm desperate to get it done as I've not made one Christmas card yet and I also need to start making cards for the new CD ROM so I am motivated but I think I need a cup of tea and Maisie needs some attention so I'm off downstairs for a rest.

As the saying goes "I may be some time"

Happy crafting,



  1. I won't ask you to come and clear out my craft stash then that would be to much ha ha.Looking forward to seeing what lovely things you come up with when you start making your samples. good luck with the clearing out you will be so pleased with yourself when its finished


  2. Hi Lynda
    Dianne from Alnwick here, I contacted you some time ago when you were working with Papercraft World about workshops in Cramlington, are you still planning to do them? I am so very pleased for you indeed, with your brand new venture. I was wondering if you were planning on "using" the services of card sample makers, I would be very interested in doing so, I am not looking to get paid or anything, just want to be making cards.
    Kindest Regards
    Dianne Watson

  3. Hi Dianne,

    I'm going to be doing some tutorials on this website for starters and see how it goes.My health hasn't been so good lately so I'm hoping 2011 will bring better things. Do you have any photos of cards you have made please? If you email them to info@cupcakecrafting.co.uk I will contact after the New Year.