Thursday, 31 March 2011

Imagine this........

Imagine..... you walk into a huge warehouse piled high from floor to ceiling with card in every colour you can think of, embossed papers & cards, packs of 12" x 12" printed papers in lovely designs, cards & envelopes in every size you can imagine, card kits already die cut with matching backing papers, printable glossy card, vellums, CD ROMs, acrylic stamps, ribbons in all the colours of the rainbow & more in satin and chiffon and then you hear a voice telling you "Just help yourself"!!!!!!!. Yeh I know what you are thinking "In your dreams Lynda". Well I wasn't dreaming because that's just what happened to me last week. Honestly, cross my heart it did.

I was invited to visit The Cupcakecrafting Bakery and meet the bakers, a motley crew with hearts of gold who made me feel so welcome that I felt I had known them for ages. We won't mention the head baker's wife Chloe who insisted on filling my wine glass up every time I emptied it LOL. It was like winning the lottery. A crafter let loose in a warehouse full of crafting goodies what more could you want? I had taken the liberty of using Colin's car for the journey on the pretext that it was more comfortable to drive. Truth is his Qashqai is much bigger tham my Clio. I'm not as green as I'm cabbage looking as the saying goes up North!! His car was pretty full when I left I can tell you.

I also spent a brilliant day at Coleman's Craft Warehouse in Rushden on Saturday and met lots of lovely crafters. I showed them the new acrylic stamp collections which are now on the website and also the lovely With This Ring CD ROM which is a must have as the designs are stunning.

This is a card I have made using one of the sets from the Maisie the Ragdoll  collection. I stamped Maisie first and then made a mask over her and then stamped the plant and the pot  to create the detail. The fact that the stamps are acrylic makes placing the image so much easier. I used watercolour pencils to colour in the images. Very theraputic. Get lost in the doing.

The With This Ring CD ROM has some beautiful backing papers, tags, inserts and embellishments that can be used for all occasions. It's a really lovely addition to your CD ROM collection.Below is an easel card using one of the decoupage images, a pretty heart design backing paper, a matching ribbon border and finished off by adding 2 tags and a flower embellishment.

I've been given some of the finished designs for the next Cupcakecrafting CD ROM which is due to be launched at the beginning of May. I'm such a lucky girl that I have to keep pinching myself just in case I'm imagining all of this!!!



  1. oh wow you lucky lucky lady i am soooooooo jealous a bright shade of green with definate envy.


  2. Green does not suit you Ann. Why not save up your pennies and get your lovely hubby Stuart to drive you down to the warehouse sale we are planning to hold at the "Bakery" in May. you could fill the boot LOL